We Forgot all the Names that, the Names We Used to Know – American Footprints

The big news over the weekend in intra-Shiite political intrigue was the roll-out of the new SCIRI product (before Labor Day no less – somewhere Andy Card weeps).  In conjunction with some of the more substantial shifts in tone and platform, SCIRI (the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq) announced a name change to something approximating SIIC (the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council) – although some have suggested SICI (Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq). 
While this rearranging of words and letters might appear to be a mere re-branding, there is some significance to the modification.  Namely, the party formerly known as SCIRI is looking to establish a stronger “Iraqi” identity, and thus is shedding a name that itself paid homage to the Iranian “Revolution” – which is no mere accident, as SCIRI itself was formed at the behest of (and with ongoing active support from) Iran’s leadership dating back to Khomeini himself. […]
SCIRI also made noises concerning their allegiance to Sistani over Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei….Thus, SCIRI is trying to establish, or rehabilliate, its image as an “Iraqi” institution distinct from its Iranian roots/ties, and as part of this process SCIRI is publicly acknowledging, and acquiescing to, the dictates of Sistani (even if the media interpretation of this shift has been somewhat overblown).