South Carolina Politics, Apathy at Its Finest

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South Carolina politics has found its share of media scrutiny lately. From Governor Mark Sanford having an affair with a South American reporter to Congressman Joe Wilson yelling “you lie” to President Barack Obama during a presidential address to Congress, South Carolina politics has been anything but immune to controversy.

Nevertheless, the latest controversy centering on Alvin Greene, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate underscores a tremendous issue within the whole body of politics that must be addressed: the custom of Americans voting for candidates or problems without preparing themselves on the results of their votes.

Greene, an unemployed veteran faces a felony obscenity charge for supposedly revealing a University of South Carolina pupil a pornographic image and after indicating they go to her dorm room in November. However, he managed to win the Democratic primary for senator conquering judge, a state politician and Vic Rawl, winning 60 percent of the vote on June 8.

More fascinating than Greene’s triumph was the very fact that he didn’t campaign and didn’t spend any cash, except for the $ 10,400 campaign filing fee, which he refuses to describe how he got the cash.

Since his success, many within the Democratic hierarchy of South Carolina politics have accused the Republican Party of planting Greene on the vote and accused the state of voter fraud. These claims never have been substantiated but many consider that his pending criminal investigation is grounds for his removal.

“If the claims are accurate, Iwant to see another Democrat replace him unquestionably,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman Robert Menendez. However, the South Carolina Democratic executive committee voted to keep Greene on the vote.

Regardless of the results of the on-going soap opera better known as South Carolina politics, the problem of dearth of voter knowledge and instruction is epidemic in our society and needs to be dealt with on a national level.

Since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, many in the Black community have considered that just voting, regardless of how one votes, is better than not exercising the right that a lot of our forefathers gave their life for. Yet many times Americans from all possible walks of life vote out of a sense of responsibility as well as custom, not taking the place as serious as they need to.

Many participants in South Carolina politics have declared they understood very little of Greene and Rawl and only voted for Greene because his name appeared first in the alphabetized listing of nominees. South Carolina, nevertheless, is merely a microcosm of American politics, which is often described as apathetic.

I also have fallen victim to this kind of voter apathy, voting for proposals without understanding the precise significance of these changes. When I was in school and running for a senatorial place together with the Student Government Association, an associate of that organization told me that I ‘d almost no prospect of losing because my name was fifth amongst six nominees and voters generally voted for the very first five nominees that appeared on the ballot. While the sixth nominee discovered themselves on the exterior looking in the very first five of us won.

As a society, we whine when we’re unsatisfied with politicians or local laws but we don’t take the responsibility of voting serious enough to make well-informed choices at the ballot box. The Alvin Greene predicament isn’t germane to only South Carolina politics, it’s indicative of the outbreak of political apathy that has gripped our country for too long and should be dealt with before the reality of South Carolina politics becomes the reality of American politics as a whole.

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Remembering the Crazy 2008 American Presidential Election

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There was never a political campaign like it. No Hollywood script writer with any credibility might have presented such a story. The 2008 American Presidential campaign went down in history as not just outrageous, but full-blown crazy. Think about the following:

First a brash African American man with a most un-American sounding name, Barack Obama, gets the better of the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s long created political powerhouse in the Democratic primary. For the very first time in history a black man was nominated to represent a major party in a bid for the White House. And he did it. While it is a historical accomplishment that America should be proud of it’s a somewhat weird and improbable occasion which makes the 2008 campaign unlike any other in American history.

Then as if Obama’s upset victory was not enough, John McCain resurrects himself from the political graveyard to win the Republican Party’s primary. This really is an incredible accomplishment as there are many in his own party’s leaders who aren’t all that fond of the “maverick”. McCain has on many occasions not been a team player and is considered by his own party leaders as hotheaded and unpredictable. Yet he managed to reign supreme. Astonishing things.

There’s more. As a contradictory footnote to his message of change, a white haired old Washington hand, Senator Joe Biden, who has significant foreign policy expertise is, to round out his ticket, selected by Obama. Obama is subsequently criticized for bringing expertise in a place where he was criticized for being light on encounter to his team. Go figure. It has to be American politics at its finest.

Subsequently a day after Obama’s convention speech McCain hurls a bombshell by naming a mostly unknown Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as his running mate. The very first news reports on Palin reveals that she’s a hockey mom, eats mooseburgers, is a hard line pro life supporter, that her seventeen year-old single daughter is pregnant, and is under investigation by the Alaska state government on ethics charges.

With a little over two months to go until election day more revelations about Palin are certain to be disclosed. Most will likely be of the type that should not have any place in politics. However in the crazy election year of 2008 appearently no subject is considered out of bounds, however pointless and tasteless it’s.

McCain, ever the risk taker, has rolled the dice in a major way with the Palin nomination. There goes McCain’s high minded sounding campaign topic “county first” as far right votes were more in the sense of his choice procedure than Palin’s capability to lead the country if anything occurred to McCain.

All of these twists and turns would be highly entertaining if just the demand to get the right leaders correct the lessons that the US has been on for the last eight years was not so pressing. The remaining part of the world should be watching occasions using a combination of terror and amusement. To believe that a 72 year old guy with medical issues may be elected to the main occupation on earth is by itself world wide attention.

In addition, to believe that McCain’s back-up would be a 44 year old PTA hockey mom with just little town mayor (about 9,000 people) experience and two years little public state (about 660,000) encounter as governor is really amazing. America would show to the planet consequently the whole world must endure and the country has gone mad.

Palin even considers that global warming is a fiction. And that polar bears ought to be left to fend for themselves, simply forget if we do not get the global warming challenge repaired, that we may be next.

Now I found one opinion from a big shot Republican Palin supporter that “Americans will adore Palin because in Palin and her family they are able to see the sameness to their particular scenarios”. Has American politics come to that? Rather than needing an extremely intelligent, executed, and capable leader Americans need leaders that are average Joes only like themselves?

If this is the situation in the close future America WOn’t have the ability to compete against countries that area education, competence, and achievement much above “sameness”. The American Presidential campaign that is crazy 2008 might be an index of a country gone far off the trails. Should McCain Palin win, America may be on its way to sameness in comparison to badly performing countries that are second grade.

As there would be a fair chance that if elected to the VP office Palin would finally become President, particularly if McCain entered another period, a President Palin would likely secure that sad destiny.

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U.S. Foreign Policy and Terrorism

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Commentators frequently speak of hate of the U.S. as though it were a passing fad, a media development engendered by the purposeful sensationalism of a few. The reality is the fact that generally our activities appear to link the imperceptible dots of apparently disparate points into a line drawn in the figurative sand which we subsequently dare other people to cross.

The laws we pass and policies we follow have ramification beyond our own borders, which is vital that you grasp that embracing a us vs. them attitude may help nurture a powerful sense of patriotism and pride.

What does this have to do with terrorism? A wonderful, sadly. In the last three years, perfect international support for the U.S. directed war on terror, has steadily decreased. International resistance to the Iraq War.

Much of what drives the deepening bitterness all over the world is the common understanding that America establishes its foreign policy with entire disregard for some other states national interests.

Whether its true or not, even our Western allies seemingly consider the U.S. a self serving celebrity.

Growing evidence demonstrates that U.S. foreign policies influence and military bases in other states have fueled the terrorist fervor of religious extremist groups, especially the Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Al Qaeda.

Terrorism is a scourge that does not have any place in the civilized world, and rightly should be repudiated and eradicated wherever it take form. The inquiry is the way to stay true to our country ideals of democracy.

Terrorism is nothing brand new, and definitely U.S. policies don’t cause terrorism in the strictest sense of the word.

There have been centuries of individuals whose political orientations empower them to justify to themselves the most heinous of acts against complete strangers,like Al Qaeda.

Fighting against terrorism is made even more challenging by the truth that there isn’t any easy response to the glaring question. Since there are lots of variables that promote the main factors behind terrorism, the search for root causes is seemingly useless.

The awful awareness the typical terrorist is, in nearly every war, as ordinary as your next door neighbor reasonable, sober and increasingly refined makes counterterrorism a formidable undertaking.

Sometimes a theory will appear the media cause terrorism, simply because terrorism flourishes on the coverage. The raising graphic and on the spot media coverage of strikes additionally fans the flames since terrorism feeds on marketing.

Yet, increasingly media-savvy terrorist have learned how they can leverage media coverage of their mayhem into recruiting efforts.

The inclination of individuals, for example, media, to rally round the flag can hide the whole truth about significant problems, with television, newspaper and radio journalists too frequently left their watchdog functions to serious accusations of being unpatriotic.

A common misperception is the fact that the fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups despise the West for its independence. Have a look at some of these liberties are do in aftermath of September 11 strikes on American land, like theUSA-Patriot Act.

In times of danger or turbulence, the U.S. Congress has responded by passing legislation that limits the civil liberties of all Americans in a misguided effort to the curtail the questionable actions of a few. Historically the U.S. Supreme Court system has overturned these reactionary abridements.

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Unpredictable Voters

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When Americans go to vote, they are asked if they are Democrats or Republicans. They are then given the privilege of voting in their party. There are Americans who are unpredictable voters. The name for unpredictable voters is independent. The voter who identifies herself or himself as independent can vote for candidates of either party or for a third unidentified party usually labelled third party candidates. These independent voters are not really liked by the established two parties, the democratic party and the republican party. The reason is obvious, the two parties can not contact these independents as one of theirs and they feel compromised in sharing information with independents who can share their information with either party or with a third party. The unpredictable voters are those who both parties assume to be less in control of their decision making.


That might seem to be stretching the generalizing aspect of discussing the unpredictable voter. But, the facts are rather obvious. Those voters who have steady jobs, go to established churches and follow the norms set by their community are not unpredictable voters. The fact is that steady voters come from people who feel that they have a stake in their community and that they share a common future. The independent voter or the unpredictable voters are seen as being out of the established status quo of citizens. That makes them more difficult to reach. The fact is also that their votes can change the course of history since some elections are won or lost by the casting of votes from unpredictable voters


That is what makes unpredictable voters in the same class of citizens as those who vote the straight democratic or the straight republican ticket. These independents or unpredictable voters vote. They are allowed to vote and they vote. Their vote counts as much as the predictable voters. Most unpredictable voters vote. They are not a part of the large silent majority of voters who simply don’t vote. The fact is that independent voters exercise their right to vote more often than the predictable voters who are actually most of the large silent majority who feel that their vote doesn’t really count. The unpredictable voters still feel as if their vote does count. That is why they allow themselves the right to vote for any candidate that they want instead of following the straight traditional party ticket. These voters can be attracted by candidates who share their feeling of their right to vote for whomever they want.

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Great American Politics

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American party politics are a complete as well as absolute zoo, and personally I’d not have it any other way. I am aware it is popular to despise American politics because of the corruption, the partisanship, and all the remainder, but for me this is simply what makes it fascinating. The American political system is valiant voices of truth, corruption, and a fascinating world of intrigue.

Of course, the American political landscape is nothing new. In The United States, matters have been tainted for well over a hundred years, and much of the remaining part of the world has been that way for thousands. Take a look at the politics of medieval Italian states should you not consider me ” you’ll find a culture of corruption and villainy which makes Our system look here as pure as gold by comparison

Many folks presume that the American political landscape is heading for a sea change. Surely, the seas will transform eventually. When we’re in a span of corruption in this way, it is difficult to recall the way that it was at specific points before. Believe it or not believe it, this nation has had a political heyday ” an age where conviction ruled over party loyalty and backroom relations weren’t the end all and be-all. Things will get like that eventually, it’s only a question of when and for how long. Until then, we can keep loving observing the brawling from the sidelines.

One of the very fascinating, and most tainted facets of American politics is the sway of campaign donors and specific interest groups on the policies of public officials. It is a well known issue all around the globe, but in America with our media understanding that is exceptional, it looks worse than in most areas. Discovering the reality amid all of the propaganda and following the money trail may be fulltime occupation for political bloggers in this state.

No matter what way you’re feeling about the specific situation in American politics, the most important thing would be to remain positive and make an effort to appreciate it. Love seeking the truth in the event you are a political crusader. In the event you are a propagandist, make buttons and political decals or write posts which will move people and alter their views. Simply as the system is tainted does not mean that we are excluded by it entirely. The key will be to find your own spot in it.

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