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Buying American Indian Jewelry at a Fraction of the Price

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016 in American Culture

native american jewelry
Image by Mathers Museum of World Cultures

American Indian jewelry is a wonderful symbol of custom and Native culture. This exquisite style of jewelry is largely hand crafted, giving it a distinguishing quality unlike made jewelry. Days, Indian individuals frequently support themselves by selling their exquisite hand crafts, jewelry, and other intriguing works of art to make a living. Buying Native Indian jewelry lets you be part of helping them continue practicing their customs and support their culture.

As with all American Indian hand crafts, each piece of jewelry comes from a Tribe rich in history and a vivid past. For instance, Native American jewelry created by the Tigua Indians, a tribe that is Puebloan, is really special because of the fact that around the 1930’s, their Tribe was considered to be out-of-date. It was not until they reunited and started to express themselves as a people, recovering the property that they’d lost from a Spanish land grant that is dishonored, that they were acknowledged in 1968 by President Lyndon Johnson as a tribal state. The signing of the law by the president made their new land near El Paso, Ysleta Del Sur, Texas, into a reserve where they practice traditional customs, and speak their Native language.

Like most Indian Tribes, the Tigua Indians make jewelry and other works of art for a living. Their jewelry is comparable to the jewelry made by the Navajo Tribe of America, and is known for elaborate detail and its unbelievable layout. By combining amazing bits of turquoise, shell, glass beads and precious stones, together with actual pieces of sterling silver, they create wonderful works of art that exemplify the best of Native American culture and hand crafted jewelry that is Indian. Buying a piece of Tigua jewelry supplies you a peek into the Tigua way of life and a true understanding of their exceptional gift. Conventional craftsmanship is what makes this jewelry incomparable, and a must have for collectors and jewelry lovers.

When shopping for Native American jewelry, it is necessary to look around and not be deceived by cheap imitations. Purchasing authentic things, hand give you the assurance of knowing your jewelry is an original, and will see to it that the future of your jewelry. You are going to see that it can be rather expensive, as is jewelry as you shop for Native American jewelry. Luckily, at low costs, you can find excellent pieces with a tiny bit of work once you learn where to appear. Buying online is among the best means to locate a great assortment of jewelry in addition to affordable prices to choose from.

Genuine Native American jewelry makes great presents for jewelry enthusiasts and for those people who are intrigued by Native American culture. From an extensive assortment of watches, bracelets, necklaces, bolo ties, rings, and more, you will not have a problem deciding on the right present for old or young. Whether buying for yourself, a friend or loved one, recall that purchasing authentic pieces of American Indian jewelry isn’t just a means to help the Native American individuals, but also an investment in fine jewelry. You may love having a component in keeping their traditions alive while possessing refined pieces of American Indian jewelry.

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The American Cowboy Hat – Icon of the Old West

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in American Culture

cowboy hat
Image by J-Rad

The American cowboy hat has conventional appearance that’s a really American. Cowboy hats have come in many shapes and sizes with time, yet their popularity lasts. It is an unique thing that controls such a love affair for any culture. The American cowboy hat will probably stay a symbol that is archetypal since it stands for so many conventional American qualities.

The reason behind our connection to the trend, and in particular the hats, of the old west is that many Americans still believe the worth prized back then are still part of our culture now. Nothing is more American than the narratives of cowboys, going out west to seek a better life. It’s a narrative of the American dream that strikes home with many.

The American cowboy hat is a reminder of this interval of manifest destiny, when the country we acknowledge as home now came to be. So the picture came to remind us of the women and men and of our history that sought to transfer west, tame the land and create the country we love.

In addition to our history, the American cowboy hat is now an icon for the kind of values that continue to drive our country. Individuals of the United States pride themselves on a sense of genius and hard work. Cowboys in the old west worked hard for everything they’d. It was frequently a job that was perilous, filthy and exhausting, but it was an honest living. These are worth that are significant to many individuals in our nation now. This is the reason it is still hip to politicians to the average Joe for anyone from music stars to wear a cowboy hat. It’s an iconic symbol that signifies an undying spirit that is national.

The American cowboy hat additionally symbolizes considerably about the picture of our nation. Americans hold a great sense of pride in strength of our international existence. Few pictures symbolize stamina and this spirit more than the old west. It is easy to imangine some of our largest icons have been celebrities from the wild west pictures, like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. Likewise, the cowboy hats also have become pictures of determination and the stamina of American culture.

America is viewed as a land of opportunity for many individuals all over the world. Beginning with the gold rush of the 1800’s, people have needed to go west to seek their fortune and a develop a better life. When the American cowboy hat became popular this is. It is not surprising that it’s a picture of the national and private success that’s brought so many folks from all over the world .

Despite the rise of technology, that’s basically wiped away the American cowboy of days gone by, the picture of American cowboy hat is ingrained into the Amercan pshyce. Despite the constant changes in our culture, the American cowboy hat stays mostly the same. It is not difficult to see why this youthful country, comparatively speaking, holds onto this kind of representational fashion item.

The American cowboy hat will stay a popular fashion thing. It’ll be a reminder of the qualities that created a state that forever altered the world no matter how much the state changes. It can be cultured and dignified, or crazy and tough, and more than anything it’s a classic symbol of our country.

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The Future of Television Advertising Is Addressable

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The upcoming American presidential election has brought into sharp focus the ability of technology to bring messages to large, targeted groups of people. Imagine a way to directly target political ads to various households by using data derived from their own purchases and other activities. Now stop imagining, because this technique, known as “addressable” television advertising, is already here.

The New World of Addressable TV Advertising

The technology that makes addressable television advertising possible has actually been around for some time, but only recently have marketing firms began seriously exploring the implications of data-driven TV commercials. Prompted by the success of targeted Internet advertising, these marketing firms have now leapfrogged into the world of television.

Addressable television advertising is fueled by many of the same technologies and data collection methods that make targeted Internet advertising possible. Marketers can research information such as income, family makeup, vehicle leases or even contracts for cellular service to design the perfect blend of advertising for a particular household. By reaching out to a chosen group, return on advertising investment is much higher and ad budgets can be stretched much farther.

Furthermore, the feedback gained from this targeted advertising can be extremely useful in planning future ad campaigns. Just as with Internet advertising, marketers can analyze viewer reactions to certain types of ads, making it easy to adjust the advertising stream based on the response of the recipient.

Politics, Playtime and Pizza

The implications of addressable television advertising are staggering. On a national scale, these data-driven marketing tactics could feasibly sway entire elections if “swing” voters are targeted by various campaign information designed to appeal to the importance they place on various issues. Of course, this also means that the candidate with the most money has even more of an extreme advantage in any election than is the case currently. Instead of expensive marketing studies, candidates can analyze voter trends with relative ease using data shared every time an individual or family watches TV, then purchase time based on their findings. Major pay-TV providers Dish Network and DirecTV have partnered to provide valuable viewer information that political marketing teams need to inform their advertising investment decisions. The PR teams behind candidates Sanders, Clinton, and Trump have used this strategy to determine what shows target audiences are watching and tailor their messages accordingly. DTV’s new All-included pricing is introducing more viewers to the potential of Internet-enabled TV sets and devices, growing the pool of personalized media-related data even further. 

Of course, the implications for addressable television marketing go beyond the idea of politics. With this form of marketing, advertisers can now reach anyone who watches television instead of the relatively small percentage that may be using the Internet. It may be a great way to reach children who are currently protected by parents from too much Internet activity. Every child that watches television could be a target of addressable marketing during their favorite programming. Additionally, everything from kayaks to pizza advertisements can be pushed toward teens and others when their shows are airing.

The “Creepy” Data Factor?

Companies such as Eyeview are already touting the benefits to advertisers of targeted television marketing. However, many experts are concerned about the availability of so much data to any marketer who wishes to use it.

In some ways, the use of big data to target families for particular advertising seems a bit creepy, like a chapter of 1984. On the other hand, targeted marketing makes economic sense, especially considering how it could lower the cost of goods and services for families of all income brackets. It could also be used to help families learn about services and benefits about which they might not otherwise know.

In the end, it will remain up to consumers to guide the marketing industry in determining how successful this type of advertising becomes. With positive feedback from viewers, it is likely that addressable television advertising will continue to grow as a viable form of marketing.

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Sedona Arizona Festival of Native American Culture

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in American Culture

native american
Image by Moyan_Brenn


The spectacular beauty of Sedona is showcased each year in the Festival of Native American Culture. Sun drenched mountains give way to extreme sundown while you breathe in all that Sedona offers, as well as a cultural banquet can be yours when you see with this high desert oasis. Oak Creek Canyon gives way to an untouched wilderness that inspires tranquility and serenity. Go along the route of the Native Americans of Arizona when you like the Festival of Native American Culture.

The 2009 occasion will likely be held from June 5th through the 13th. A complete week of Native American customs, including dancing and music, will enthrall visitors. There will be an Arts and Craft festival along with all the remaining festivities in the event that you’d like to take a piece of history home with you.

The festival will probably be shown by the Verde Valley Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society. There are lots of Native American cultural sites within the encircling Verde Valley as well as Sedona. Any gains from the festival will go toward the preservation and growth of the understanding of Native Americans. This may function to protect for future generations rites and the beliefs of the Southwest Indians.

You may need to contain greater than one in the Native American Film Festival. There are lots of sites that are about them or will be showing movies which were produced by Native Americans. They’re going to show a number of modern independent films as well as the first movies. The gamut will run from animated movie short stories and music video. The places that showcase these incredible pictures are wonderful and historical in their very own right.

The very first night will bring you to the City Square of Clarkdale. The Memorial Clubhouse Auditorium leads off with a Storytellers Project from the Yavapai-Apache Nation. A number of the times have not yet been set, but seven p.m. is the time for two of the evening’s performances. The Radisson Poco Diablo Resort is offering dinner together with their picture. No matter what you opt to love in the film festival is going to be time

Hauntingly amazing Native American music will probably be performed by a number of the very recognized artists. David Wolf’s Robe captivates and teaches us with his Native American flute music in the Well Red Coyote Bookstore on June 8th at 7:00 pm.!

While they interpret the Hoop Dance and Apache Rainbow Dance delight to the vibrant demonstration of the Yellow Bird Indian Dancers. Many other traditional dancing from Northern Plains Indians, Southwest and the Apache will soon be researched for your happiness.

Look forward to hearing unique Aaron White, a Native American that’s given us a great number of music for seventeen years. He combines the Native American flute and acoustic guitar. He was a nominee for a Grammy in 2003, with his collaborative with Burning Sky on a CD. Aaron is a performer that’s to give his crowd.

Start out using a visit to the Native American Invitational Art Show which is held at Tequa Plaza in the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona. It is a two day event on June 6th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and June7th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The artwork which will be on display will encompass many Native American tribes from the surrounding southwestern states. !

When you spend a week in Sedona, your life will soon be reached by many emotions. Matching the exquisite charisma of the red rock plateaus with the Festival Native American Culture can’t be described; it has to be lived.

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Impact of the African American Culture

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in American Culture

Image by Jack Zalium

African American culture has had a great impact in America. Including various customs of African ethnic groups, it distinct from American culture and is both part of. From practicing their ethnic customs, principles, and beliefs due to captivity, Africans were limited in many ways, but many have lived. Some distinct parts of the African American culture were made more notable as a result of captivity and have helped to shape the dynamic and creative culture that we can see today.
Language is among the crucial areas which have the effected the African culture. The Pidgin language was the primary way of communicating between distinct races that are African. The primary essence of this language would be to create a common language deriving phrases and words from other languages. Some of examples of these formed languages contain Gullah and Creole. Crafts and Arts are another area where the african american culture has had an influence. They have distinct kind of paintings to describe distinct dispositions like masks for buggies, baskets and services for numerous tasks that are significant, regular painting to decorate the houses. The traditional African weavers like to weave vivid coloured fabric where white and red is their most favorite colours.
The musical instruments from Africa was not been brought to America for various reasons. But dancing types and their music were brought here and have renovated under the African American culture into new types. These new art forms have also affected the music and dance steps of the Americans. Step dancers, and pat, dollar have their origins to African source and so is the call and response type of singing, an essential part of the gospels and the jazz music. Food of the Americans has been given an African touch after their coming. The foods like rice, okra, peanuts, watermelons, some kinds of guinea fowl and gourds was credited to the Africans.

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Remembering the Crazy 2008 American Presidential Election

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Image by bernissimo

There was never a political campaign like it. No Hollywood script writer with any credibility might have presented such a story. The 2008 American Presidential campaign went down in history as not just outrageous, but full-blown crazy. Think about the following:

First a brash African American man with a most un-American sounding name, Barack Obama, gets the better of the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s long created political powerhouse in the Democratic primary. For the very first time in history a black man was nominated to represent a major party in a bid for the White House. And he did it. While it is a historical accomplishment that America should be proud of it’s a somewhat weird and improbable occasion which makes the 2008 campaign unlike any other in American history.

Then as if Obama’s upset victory was not enough, John McCain resurrects himself from the political graveyard to win the Republican Party’s primary. This really is an incredible accomplishment as there are many in his own party’s leaders who aren’t all that fond of the “maverick”. McCain has on many occasions not been a team player and is considered by his own party leaders as hotheaded and unpredictable. Yet he managed to reign supreme. Astonishing things.

There’s more. As a contradictory footnote to his message of change, a white haired old Washington hand, Senator Joe Biden, who has significant foreign policy expertise is, to round out his ticket, selected by Obama. Obama is subsequently criticized for bringing expertise in a place where he was criticized for being light on encounter to his team. Go figure. It has to be American politics at its finest.

Subsequently a day after Obama’s convention speech McCain hurls a bombshell by naming a mostly unknown Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as his running mate. The very first news reports on Palin reveals that she’s a hockey mom, eats mooseburgers, is a hard line pro life supporter, that her seventeen year-old single daughter is pregnant, and is under investigation by the Alaska state government on ethics charges.

With a little over two months to go until election day more revelations about Palin are certain to be disclosed. Most will likely be of the type that should not have any place in politics. However in the crazy election year of 2008 appearently no subject is considered out of bounds, however pointless and tasteless it’s.

McCain, ever the risk taker, has rolled the dice in a major way with the Palin nomination. There goes McCain’s high minded sounding campaign topic “county first” as far right votes were more in the sense of his choice procedure than Palin’s capability to lead the country if anything occurred to McCain.

All of these twists and turns would be highly entertaining if just the demand to get the right leaders correct the lessons that the US has been on for the last eight years was not so pressing. The remaining part of the world should be watching occasions using a combination of terror and amusement. To believe that a 72 year old guy with medical issues may be elected to the main occupation on earth is by itself world wide attention.

In addition, to believe that McCain’s back-up would be a 44 year old PTA hockey mom with just little town mayor (about 9,000 people) experience and two years little public state (about 660,000) encounter as governor is really amazing. America would show to the planet consequently the whole world must endure and the country has gone mad.

Palin even considers that global warming is a fiction. And that polar bears ought to be left to fend for themselves, simply forget if we do not get the global warming challenge repaired, that we may be next.

Now I found one opinion from a big shot Republican Palin supporter that “Americans will adore Palin because in Palin and her family they are able to see the sameness to their particular scenarios”. Has American politics come to that? Rather than needing an extremely intelligent, executed, and capable leader Americans need leaders that are average Joes only like themselves?

If this is the situation in the close future America WOn’t have the ability to compete against countries that area education, competence, and achievement much above “sameness”. The American Presidential campaign that is crazy 2008 might be an index of a country gone far off the trails. Should McCain Palin win, America may be on its way to sameness in comparison to badly performing countries that are second grade.

As there would be a fair chance that if elected to the VP office Palin would finally become President, particularly if McCain entered another period, a President Palin would likely secure that sad destiny.

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