Buying American Indian Jewelry at a Fraction of the Price

native american jewelry
Image by Mathers Museum of World Cultures

American Indian jewelry is a wonderful symbol of custom and Native culture. This exquisite style of jewelry is largely hand crafted, giving it a distinguishing quality unlike made jewelry. Days, Indian individuals frequently support themselves by selling their exquisite hand crafts, jewelry, and other intriguing works of art to make a living. Buying Native Indian jewelry lets you be part of helping them continue practicing their customs and support their culture.

As with all American Indian hand crafts, each piece of jewelry comes from a Tribe rich in history and a vivid past. For instance, Native American jewelry created by the Tigua Indians, a tribe that is Puebloan, is really special because of the fact that around the 1930’s, their Tribe was considered to be out-of-date. It was not until they reunited and started to express themselves as a people, recovering the property that they’d lost from a Spanish land grant that is dishonored, that they were acknowledged in 1968 by President Lyndon Johnson as a tribal state. The signing of the law by the president made their new land near El Paso, Ysleta Del Sur, Texas, into a reserve where they practice traditional customs, and speak their Native language.

Like most Indian Tribes, the Tigua Indians make jewelry and other works of art for a living. Their jewelry is comparable to the jewelry made by the Navajo Tribe of America, and is known for elaborate detail and its unbelievable layout. By combining amazing bits of turquoise, shell, glass beads and precious stones, together with actual pieces of sterling silver, they create wonderful works of art that exemplify the best of Native American culture and hand crafted jewelry that is Indian. Buying a piece of Tigua jewelry supplies you a peek into the Tigua way of life and a true understanding of their exceptional gift. Conventional craftsmanship is what makes this jewelry incomparable, and a must have for collectors and jewelry lovers.

When shopping for Native American jewelry, it is necessary to look around and not be deceived by cheap imitations. Purchasing authentic things, hand give you the assurance of knowing your jewelry is an original, and will see to it that the future of your jewelry. You are going to see that it can be rather expensive, as is jewelry as you shop for Native American jewelry. Luckily, at low costs, you can find excellent pieces with a tiny bit of work once you learn where to appear. Buying online is among the best means to locate a great assortment of jewelry in addition to affordable prices to choose from.

Genuine Native American jewelry makes great presents for jewelry enthusiasts and for those people who are intrigued by Native American culture. From an extensive assortment of watches, bracelets, necklaces, bolo ties, rings, and more, you will not have a problem deciding on the right present for old or young. Whether buying for yourself, a friend or loved one, recall that purchasing authentic pieces of American Indian jewelry isn’t just a means to help the Native American individuals, but also an investment in fine jewelry. You may love having a component in keeping their traditions alive while possessing refined pieces of American Indian jewelry.